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Blair Hull founded Hull Investments, LLC in 1999 and currently serves as the firm's Chairman. Hull Investments was created to serve as a family office for three generations of the Hull family, and acts as parent company to a number of financial entities.

Blair Hull created Hull Tactical Asset Allocation, LLC in 2013. HTAA operates an actively managed ETF and utilizes advanced algorithms as well as macro and technical indicators to anticipate future market returns.

Prior to launching HTAA, LLC, Blair Hull was the founder of Hull Trading Company and served as that firm’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

A global leader in the application of computer technology to listed derivatives trading, Hull Trading leveraged technological innovations and quantitative models to become one of the world’s premier market-making firms, trading on 28 exchanges in nine countries. At its peak, Hull Trading Company moved nearly a quarter of the entire daily market volume on some markets, executed over 7% of the index options traded in the United States, 3% of the equity options, and 1% of all shares traded daily on the New York Stock Exchange.

Hull has worked in the trading industry for nearly 40 years. Trader Monthly recognized him for having executed one of “The 40 Greatest Trades of All Time,” and Worth Magazine named him one of “Wall Street’s 25 Smartest Players.” In 2014, Blair Hull was awarded the Joseph W. Sullivan Options Industry Achievement Award from the Options Industry Council in recognition of his outstanding lifetime contributions to the growth and integrity of the U.S. options market.


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